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Nikon Z9 Guide for Wildlife Photographers (5th Edition)

In this downloadable e-book you’ll learn everything a wildlife photographer needs to know about the Nikon Z9. 


The camera offers hundreds of settings and options.  Selecting the right combination of these is essential in order to effectively use the Z9 in the field. 

This 83-page guide includes:


  • extensive information on the autofocus system and the optimal settings for the various shooting situations wildlife photographers encounter especially for birds in flight
  • the camera controls – what they do and how to customize them for your shooting style and varying conditions
  • configuring the camera so that you never need to take your eye from the viewfinder when the action unfolds
  • the default camera settings that must be changed in order to successfully photography wildlife
  • insights on using legacy F-mount lenses on the Z-9
  • practical advice about the camera batteries and chargers
  • how to take advantage of the new capabilities introduced with firmware v2.00
  • the AF-area Modes you should use and those you should avoid

Nikon Z9 Guide for Wildlife Photographers (5th Edition)

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