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Growing up surrounded by the beautiful countrysides of both Ireland and England, at a young age, Alan developed a love for birds and nature.  He was a quick study of  birds and upon immigrating to the United States in the early 1980's, Alan was thrilled to find many new species and their habitats.  After studying field guides, he too wanted to capture similar images, and so began his quest to learn photography.  Much of Alan's spare time became devoted to chasing the perfect shot.  His artistic background cultivated his creative use of perches with uncluttered backgrounds and excellent lighting.  Over the years this became Alan's signature: gorgeous perches paired with beautiful birds showcasing their natural environment with simple elegance.

What began as a peaceful and passionate hobby, Alan has refined into a photography business.  Besides the numerous photographs he loves to acquire, Alan is equally enthusiastic about leading workshops and teaching other photographers how to capture the perfect image.  He is an award-winning photographer with numerous publications, a Nikon Professional Service Member, a Wimberley Professional Service Member, and the author of several e-books and educational videos.  He enjoys traveling the country, speaking at festivals and photo clubs.  Alan and his wife, Kim live in Evergreen, Colorado. They like to travel domestically and abroad, enjoy nature and their rescue dogs.

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