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Birds Through The Lens Vol. 1

The first video in the series will cover topics which include:

  • How to look for, find and choose the right perch.
  • What perches do not work and why.
  • How to match the perch for a particular species.
  • How to present a perch to the scene
  • How to trim a perch to look fantastic
  • How to support the perch
  • How many perches do you set up
  • Working with mounds, stumps and elevated perches
  • How to choose a good background
  • How to deal with background challenges
  • How to break up a flat background so it's mottled
  • How to find and use gradient backgrounds
  • How far should the background be from the perch
  • Should you wear camo
  • Working from a blind
  • How to set up your lens and tripod for blind work
  • The correct tightness of your lens support
  • Is concealment important
  • Plus, many tips for being a better bird photographer


This Hi Definition MP4 video can be either downloaded to your dropbox, computer, tablet,
mobile device, or can be streamed.

TRT: 1 hour

Birds Through The Lens Vol. 1

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