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Birds of Arizona | Arizona 2020




  • Limited to:  6 photographers
  • Policy:  All workshops are non-smoking
  • Location: Green Valley, Arizona
  • Dates: Sept 8-11; Sept 13-16
  • Wait List: add me to the wait list


This workshop is not only about learning how to get birds to land on that perfect perch, but you will also get lots of action images and birds in flight. You will learn how to best utilize feeders, ponds, and bird calls to bring species in, and then how to control the situation to get that stunning portrait with the intimate pose.

  • How to locate certain species.
  • How to get birds to land where you want them to.
  • How to search for and select the appropriate perch.
  • How to place the perch in relation to the background and sun direction.
  • How to dress up the perches to match the bird’s habitat.
  • How to work a feeder and water drip to their best advantage.
  • How to get stunning images of songbirds in flight
  • All the tips and tricks that bring a stunning image together.


We have two amazing locations on private property with a lot of species that are constantly active in front of the blinds. Land owner Dano Grayson is a photographer himself and knows what bird photographers want to see in the viewfinder. He has setup the most amazing blinds with the right combination of habitat, water and food and backgrounds.  One afternoon session we will photograph a variety of snake species and Gila Monster. In addition, we have an optional evening activity photpgraphing bats at the pond.  All flash and trigger equipment will be supplied.



Birds of Arizona | Arizona 2020

SKU: ARIZONA 2020 | $4900

    • The cost of the workshop is $4900 per person.
    • A 50% deposit is required to register.
    • Your deposit fee will automatically calculate.
    • This transaction is the 50% deposit only.
    • Workshop fees include personalized instruction, fees for the exclusive use of the Elephant Head location and permits for use on the Mount Hopkins location in the Santa Rita mountains, unlimited drinking water, use of all blinds and lunch every day.
    • The workshop fees do not include evening activity with the bats or evening meals.



    • If you are a returning client or are attending a back-to-back workshop (same workshop with multiple sessions). You will receive a discount which will be applied to your final balance.


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