(a) PhotoShop Trickery For Bird Photographers



  • Removing background noise and distractions
  • How to do a graduated background blur
  • Creative ways to use the liquify tool
  • How to create eye contact on an image
  • How to create a natural catchlight
  • How to remove red eye
  • How to fix a bad eye
  • How to repair clipped wings
  • Fixing messed up feathers
  • How to deal with high contrast
  • How to remove leg bands
  • How to stitch heads
  • How to balance warm ambient light with cool light from flash
  • How to change high-key backgrounds


This Hi Definition MP4 video can be either downloaded to your dropbox, computer, tablet,
mobile device, or be streamed.

TRT: 1 hour 47 mins

(a) PhotoShop Trickery For Bird Photographers

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