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(a) Photographer's Guide to Attracting Birds

In this downloadable ebook you will learn tips and tricks to attract a large variety of bird families into photographic range.

These include:

- Attracting birds for flight photography I
- Attracting birds for flight photography II
- Blinds and camouflage
- Attracting shorebirds using bait
- Attracting birds using insects
- Attracting birds using audio

  • Flycatchers
  • Grebes, Loons and Ducks
  • Warblers and other small birds
  • Roadrunners and Quail
  • Woodpeckers and Nuthatches
  • Grassland birds
  • Shorebirds

- Attracting raptors using decoys
- Attracting birds onto ground perches
- Attracting birds off barbed wire
- Attracting birds using road kill

The 182 page E book is lavishly illustrated not only with Alan’s killer images but with dozens and dozens of step-by-step photos that will show you exactly how to attract many species of birds into camera rance. The writing is clear and concise and the directions are easy-to-follow and inclusive. Alan shares his secrects of more than 20 years of photographing birds. Following the techniques in this book, you will be taking award winning images in no time.

(a) Photographer's Guide to Attracting Birds

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